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Better customer service. Better bottom lines.

Simplify day-to-day operations, increase revenue and add value for your customers. We've built a technology platform designed to systematically minimize complexity of prescription care for you and your customers.

Automated processes reduce or eliminate backend administrative tasks, freeing up pharmacists to care for customers.

  • Reduces time-consuming callbacks with electronically submitted prior authorizations
  • Eliminates coordination of benefits with patients' insurance

Expert coordination of benefits ensures patients receive any applicable cost reductions with a minimum of effort from your staff.

Proven growth model increases prescription rates through extensive provider relationships.
See our case study.

How it works

Once Gifthealth has received a prescription from a patient's provider,


Finds the nearest partner pharmacy to the patient's location

Transfer the script through the pharmacy's electronic system (or by FAX)

Then, your pharmacy:

Fills and dispenses the script

It's really THAT simple.

Gifthealth works for you to help you do what you do best–provide outstanding, affordable care to your community.

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