December 8, 2021

Easier Rx for everyone

Streamlined prescriptions help doctors help patients 

We talk a lot about making prescriptions easier to fill and more affordable to buy for patients. But there is another way we help people get necessary medical attention. That’s by putting more time in doctors’ days to do what they do best–treat patients who need care. 

It’s estimated that the average medical practice spends between 10 and 20 hours completing nearly 40 prescription prior authorizations (an insurance requirement for medication approvals) every week. In addition, administrative and clinical pharmacy callbacks amount to 34% of all incoming calls, taking up to an additional hour per day.  

If you’re counting, that’s a total of up to approximately 25 hours in a week that could’ve been spent helping patients instead. 

Gifthealth has purpose-built a technology platform that streamlines the prescription process for not only patients but for doctors as well. 

Automated prior authorization resolution 

Insurance companies can require a prior authorization or approval for some medications before they will cover any share of the cost. 

In the past, this has meant that the pharmacist and the doctor have had to coordinate with the insurance company to get an approval. It’s as time-consuming as it sounds, involving phone calls, form submissions and wait times that can last between a day and a week. 

Gifthealth has eliminated much of the back-and-forth with auto-generated forms and form submissions. No more time-consuming calls. No more waiting for your meds to get approved.

Auto-applied savings

The high cost of prescriptions is often a barrier to prescription care. This too results in calls to the doctor, either by the pharmacist or the patient, seeking alternative therapies. Gifthealth’s technology platform automatically applies any applicable discounts, rebates, or vouchers. We always look for the lowest possible price. 

Helping patients get on their therapy–and stay on it.

In the industry it’s called medication adherence. Non-adherence–patients skipping doses or not filling prescriptions (prescription abandonment)–happens for many reasons. Many times, non-adherence results in sicker patients–and medical care that could’ve been avoided. 

Here are a few statistics our technology platform is built to reduce so that patients get their meds when they need them:

20-30% of prescriptions are abandoned
23% of prescription transactions result in overpayment 
79% of doctors say patients abandon prescriptions due to difficult prior authorizations
38% of pharmacy callbacks result in delays in treatment

Sounds good, but does it work?

The numbers don’t lie. For one multi-practice office that prescribes exclusively through Gifthealth, we asked the physicians to track their time spent dealing with prescriptions.

90% reduction in pharmacy callbacks 
95% prior authorization approval rate 
2+    hours saved per day

See the case study here.

The bottom line.

Removing the pain points and pitfalls built into the prescription process is more than possible. Gifthealth’s platform proves that the right technology can solve issues related to cost and insurance, simplifying Rx for doctors and improving care for their patients.  

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