January 10, 2022

Help! My pharmacy closed.

What to do if your pharmacy closes its doors.

You may have seen it in the news. Pharmacies shuttering storefronts. CVS, Rite Aid and Walgreens have all announced plans to close up shop in thousands of locations across the U.S. 

While the companies say it’s good for business, it’s not so good for the communities they will be leaving behind, which often create what are called pharmacy deserts. 

The big box closures exacerbate a problem that has been growing for years. Independent neighborhood pharmacies that were unable to compete with their corporate rivals have closed at an unprecedented rate. The new closures will certainly result in a significant number of underserved communities. 

What to do if your pharmacy closes

Fortunately, you have options. And they may be more convenient than you knew. 

  1. If your preferred pharmacy is part of a chain, you can have your prescriptions transferred to another location. Call your pharmacy, even if it has been closed. Your call will/should be forwarded to someone who can complete the transfer and help you select a new location. This will likely result in added travel time, however.
  2. Get googling. You can search for all nearby pharmacies to see what is available using your zip code or by turning on location services on your device. This option will likely involve calling your doctor to have any existing prescriptions transferred to the new pharmacy, if one is available. 
  3. Use a prescription delivery service. There are many regional pharmacies that provide free or low-cost delivery, or you can use a national pharmacy, like Gifthealth. Gifthealth provides FREE, often same-day delivery anywhere in the country, works with all insurance and transferring your prescriptions is as easy as a text or call (more on that later).

Keep in mind that some insurance plans may require you to use an in-network pharmacy. It’s a good idea to check your pharmacy benefits. 

What you’ll need

Whichever option you choose, here’s what you’ll need to get started.

  • All prescriptions you wish to transfer
  • A list of any other medications you’re taking (remember, your new pharmacist will need to check for potential interactions, etc.)
  • Name, birthdate, address, phone number
  • Insurance information/ID
  • Doctor’s name and contact info
The Gifthealth option

Gifthealth partners with top-rated independent pharmacies all across the country to ensure your meds are delivered quickly and reliably. 

We work with all insurance companies and provide cash payment options. 

Our technology platform is built to make access to more affordable prescriptions as simple as possible. If there’s a way to save you money, we’ll find it. 

And, as stated above, transferring your prescriptions to Gifthealth is easy. 

Text ‘transfer’ to 614-618-4044.

Call 614-725-3335.

Visit and use the online transfer tool.

Hopefully, you will not be affected by pharmacy closures. However, if you are, we’re here to help. To learn more, go to 

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