February 2, 2022

Helping drug makers help patients.

How one smart platform partnered with one innovative drug manufacturer to increase fill rates and save patients money. 

DISCLAIMER: No brand was named in the making of this blog post. 

Welcome to the age of the anonymous case study. Such is the world we live in that divulging too much information risks losing a competitive advantage.

For one pharmaceutical manufacturer, that competitive advantage has been a 4x increase over other independent pharmacies in prescription volume for its innovative therapy through the Gifthealth platform.  

Innovation has a unique problem. It bumps up against resistance to change. That resistance is especially true in the risk-averse medical community. When a particular medication has always been used, why try something new? 

The same may be said of distribution channels. No matter how broken and expensive the prescription drug supply chain is, it is the system we have–the one we’ve always used.

But what if there was a new way of doing things? 

In both cases innovation faces a lag between introduction and adoption. What’s needed is commonly referred to as a change agent. 

A change agent is one who promotes an innovation to an authority or influencer. In this case Gifthealth provided manufacturers with a streamlined distribution channel and actively promoted the pharmaceutical manufacturer’s medication to prescribers.

For patients, the benefit of the new drug–we’ll call it Drug Z–is clear. It is much easier to take than the traditional therapy and produces the same desired outcome. In addition, the partnership between the manufacturer and Gifthealth provides a significant financial savings to the patient. An added perk for patients is Gifthealth’s free delivery. 

For prescribers, deciding to “adopt” the innovative drug makes a lot of sense. Prescribers are able to offer patients the value-add of convenience with free delivery, are able to save patients money and are also ensured that patients receive a medication that is highly effective and easier to administer–which at least theoretically increases the likelihood patients will adhere to their treatment plan. 

For the manufacturer, partnering with Gifthealth provides scale. A national network of independent pharmacists increases distribution channels and relationships with doctors and telehealth providers across the country increases the number of prescriptions for Drug Z written. 

The results:

The numbers speak for themselves. In a very short period of time all the positive things–volume and patients helped–went up and all the negative things–cost and abandonment–went down. 

From July, 2021 to present

80% medication fill rate (approx. 30% higher than industry avg.)

43% increase in prescriptions filled

3,281 patients received Drug Z 

$341,224 total savings to patients

Bottom line:

More effective medication in the hands of more patients is better for business. More importantly, it’s better for patient health and wellbeing. Gifthealth is developing partnerships with a growing number of manufacturers to provide a scalable, repeatable model that works to work around a broken prescription drug supply chain. Ultimately, that means greater access to more affordable medications for patients across the country.

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