December 9, 2021

In our own words

Gifthealth’s sales team is on a mission.

When you’ve built a solution to fix nothing less than the prescription drug crisis, you better have a team of talented, driven people spreading the word. Meet our team. We think they’re the best in the business, and they’re just getting started. 

Robert Hoppe
Vice President of Business Development

“The cost and complexity of prescription medication in this country are problems I’ve been working on in various roles for more than a decade. There is no partial solution. It’s all or nothing because the issues are so connected. What’s exciting about Gifthealth is we’re all industry veterans who understand the scope of the problem, but we’re not flinching. We’ve got a bold vision. We’re all passionate enough–and maybe crazy enough–to believe change is possible. We’re out there proving it with every patient, provider and manufacturer we work with.”

Terence Kizer
Manager of Sales

“Gifthealth is adamant about doing the right thing for patients. We’re using technology in ways no one has thought of before to make access to prescriptions easier and more affordable. It’s the kind of transformation that’s been long overdue. I’m excited to be part of an innovative solution in an industry that truly needs change.”

Michelle Tancrede
Senior Account Executive

“What is most meaningful to me about our work is helping patients receive the medications their physicians prescribe quickly, efficiently and as cost-effectively as possible. Our entire healthcare system depends on ensuring patients get on their therapy and stay on it. That’s our mission at Gifthealth, and I’m inspired by it every day.”

Ryan Rowland
Senior Account Executive

“I played rugby in college. I still play. I’ve always had the mindset of taking things head on. But I came across a quote in school that has stuck with me. “The creative adult is the child who survived.” At Gifthealth, we’re taking on a lot of healthcare issues that have been decades in the making. But we’re taking them on creatively. You know when you’re a kid, you think anything is possible? That’s us. We not only think it, we’re actually creating it. A whole new possibility for pharmacy care.”

Lauren Ward
Senior Account Executive

“I was fortunate to get a sneak peek at how Gifthealth works. I was in GI pharmaceutical sales and had seen firsthand all the issues that providers and patients dealt with on a daily basis. Then I met Gifthealth co-founder, John Romano. It started as a collaboration on how we could better reach the colonoscopy patients in my physicians’ care and ended with me going after a role on the team. I was blown away by the simplicity and efficiency they bring to the pharmacy experience. So are the physicians I work with. Thrilled doesn’t say enough about how I feel to be a part of such an innovative company.”

Stokely Onuba
Inside Sales Lead

“I’m inspired by people, really. What are their challenges? How can I help overcome them? I’ve seen other startups lose sight of their purpose chasing monetization. We are hyper-focused on providing the best possible solution to a complicated set of issues. Every day we learn something new. It’s those “Aha!” moments that make us a part of a virtuous circle. The more we help others, the more we help ourselves.”

Matt Poland
Account Manager

“We believe no one should ever have to forgo therapy because of cost or accessibility. Everything we do is very intentional about making sure that doesn’t happen. I know what we’re working toward every day will benefit millions of people and improve their quality of life. That’s incredibly rewarding.”

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