November 30, 2021

There’s a new prescription savings card in town

Introducing the Gifthealth Prescription Drug Savings Card.
One card. Two ways to save.

Pick a card, any card. When it comes to saving on medications, does it matter which prescription discount card you choose?

They’re all the same, right? 

The short answer to that question has been, yes, they are. They’re free. They often advertise savings of 80% or more. They’re accepted at a large number–but not all– pharmacies, nationally. They are a cash-purchase-only option, meaning you won’t be using your insurance to buy your meds (more on that later). And yes, they do save you money–in some instances. 

We see all the hands going up.

You mean some pharmacies won’t take my savings card?

That’s correct. The reasons are as convoluted as the weather and twice as cloudy as Seattle. Suffice it to say that discounts depend on negotiations and contracts between all stakeholders (pharmacy benefit managers, manufacturers, pharmacies, et al.) and no single prescription card company has figured out how to do that for the many thousands of medications available at every pharmacy in the country.

What good is my insurance if paying cash and using a discount card can save me more money?

Convoluted and cloudy only begin to describe this issue. But the short answer is that some medications are more expensive with your insurance copay than paying cash and using a discount card. 

So, let me get this straight. My card will save money some (but not all) of the time, at some (but not all) pharmacies? 

Bingo! The fact is, discount cards aren’t an ace up your sleeve. They’re just another card in the deck you can play against high prescription prices. And, as you’ve probably guessed, knowing when to play it requires work on your part. 

So why is Gifthealth introducing just another savings card? (Hint: It’s not just another card.)

The Gifthealth Savings Card is actually 1 card that provides you with 2 ways to save. You could call it a jack of all savings.

Savings option #1 Use it like any other prescription savings card, meaning it’s accepted at a majority of pharmacies across the country and can save you on cash purchases of prescription medications. 

Savings option #2 Use the information on the back of the card to access Gifthealth’s platform and we’ll do all the work necessary to save you money. Oh, and we’ll also deliver your meds to your door for FREE. 

Which option should I choose?

You can think of option #1 as the DIY savings option. You take it to the pharmacy. You and the pharmacist determine if using the card will save you money. You decide whether or not to use it based on the information you have. Remember, as stated above, it won’t save money on every single prescription, and it won’t work at every single pharmacy.

You can think of option #2 as DIFM (Do It For Me) option. You present the card to your doctor. Gifthealth:

  1. Checks your benefits to determine whether you should pay cash or use insurance
  2. Applies all available benefits, discounts, vouchers, etc., to your purchase
  3. Matches your location to the nearest pharmacy with the best price and service
  4. Delivers your meds to your door FREE

Using your card this way serves as an all-access pass to Gifthealth’s prescription savings platform, which has been purpose-built to do all the work for you. No apps to tap. No memberships to join. No shopping around and no trips to the pharmacy. 

Stacking the deck in your favor.

Like all prescription savings cards, the Gifthealth Savings Card doesn’t guarantee savings, but it does deal you as close to a winning hand as possible. If there’s a way to reduce your prescription costs, we’ll find it–and deliver them for free.

Access the Gifthealth Prescription Drug Savings Card here.

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