November 17, 2021

What makes Gifthealth different?

It’s the smartest technology you’ll never use. 

Technology is supposed to make life easier. But one look through your smartphone is enough to make you wonder. 

The average person has 40 or more apps installed on their devices. Each one is a new account to set up, a unique combination of interactions to use, a new update from time to time and often an unanticipated set of disappointments ranging from too many ads, to too many crashes to just flat-out failing to deliver on its promise.

Do I tap, pinch, scroll or swipe? 

I know there’s an app for that. 

You get the picture. 

Gifthealth is a different kind of technology company. 

We believe the best tech is the one you never see. No apps, no portals, no passwords. Just send us your prescription and our smart platform takes care of the rest. You could say it’s the smartest technology for getting your meds that you’ll never use firsthand.

We’ve purpose-built our technology to make prescriptions easier to fill and more affordable to buy at every step: 

Transfer your prescription with just a tap, click or call.

It’s really that easy via our website, our text-to-transfer functionality or by calling us at (833) 614-4438. 

For new medications, simply tell your doctor you would like your prescription sent to Gifthealth. Done

Saving money on prescriptions is so easy, it’s automatic.  

There are no discount cards to carry, subscriptions to sign up for or shopping around from pharmacy to pharmacy.  

Our platform:
-       Auto-applies all discounts
-       Maximizes your insurance benefits
-       Matches your location to the pharmacy with the lowest price  

Get Fast, FREE delivery to all the right places–yours!

We’ve built a national network of partner pharmacies with one goal in mind–to give you the fastest, most reliable home delivery, wherever you call home.  

Skip the trip, not the service.

Plenty of competitors offer free medication delivery. But, have you ever had to reach customer service (looking at you Amazon)? It’s no secret independent businesses provide better customer service. Pharmacies are no different. We exclusively partner with top-rated independent pharmacies all across the country to give you the best, most responsive service. 

 Leave the insurance hassles to us. 

We’ve built an automated process for getting your medications approved so you’ll never have to lose time–or your patience–dealing with your insurance company again. It’s easier and faster for you–and for your doctor. 

How it works

Once your prescription has been received:

1.    Gifthealth will contact you to verify your details and collect a copay, if applicable.
2.    Your prescription is routed to a partner pharmacy based on price, service and location.
3.    Our partner pharmacy will prepare your prescription and deliver it for FREE.
4.   Sit back and relax–your medication is on the way.

It’s always more than a prescription to us. 

It’s your hard-earned money. It’s your time better spent. It’s preserving your peace of mind. And your health and wellbeing.  

If there’s a way to save on your prescriptions, we’ll find it–without the insurance hassles–and deliver them for FREE, anywhere in the country. 

Just send us your prescriptions. It’s really that simple.

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