December 9, 2021

Your telehealth pharmacy partner

Gifthealth closes the loop in virtual care.

The wave of the future has become the wave of right now. Telehealth isn’t just a convenient option. It’s the preferred path to care for millions of people. And it’s going to be for millions more in the coming months. 

That’s because some of the biggest health carriers in the country are advancing virtual-first care for their members. UnitedHealth Care, Cigna, and Optum have announced versions of no- or low-cost, 24/7 access to quality care as the first step for patients seeking medical attention. 

Sure, it’s convenient. It’s safe, especially in this pandemic era. And yes, it will bring down costs in some ways (UnitedHealth sees a 15% reduction to health plans). But when it comes to a truly virtual, patient-first experience, are we there yet? 

Your prescription is on the way, but at what cost?

It used to be that the convenience of a virtual doctor visit still meant a very inconvenient trip to the pharmacy for patients who needed to fill a prescription. Now, a vast majority of pharmacies provide home delivery at no charge. 

Problem solved, right? 

Not so fast. The fact is, free prescription delivery is great–as long as patients aren’t overpaying for their medications.  

It’s no industry secret that patients pay too much for their meds 23% of the time. Cost is just one of the aspects of pharmacy care that Gifthealth has been purpose-built to fix.

Gifthealth is a patient-first partner for telehealth providers 

Home delivery solves the convenience issue of virtual care. But overpayment for meds results in hundreds of millions of dollars in unnecessary costs that come directly out of patients’ pockets. 

Gifthealth’s technology platform is designed to provide free national home delivery AND find the lowest possible price for every prescription received. 

  • One pharmacy, nationwide provides free home delivery wherever patients call home through our tech-connected network  of national pharmacy partners. 
  • AI-driven benefit verification uses proprietary algorithms to crunch patient benefits information, historical medication pricing, national partner pharmacy data and real-time claims adjudication to zero in on the lowest possible price for every patient.
  • Auto-applied copay savings from electronically stored rebates and coupons ensure patients don’t overpay. 
  • Patient assistance in real time ensures patients in need know what’s available and how to get it. 

If there is a way to save on a medication, our platform is built to find it, automatically.

Easier for patients. Easier for providers. 

The convenience and cost of Gifthealth’s pharmacy care makes telehealth even more patient-friendly. But there are additional benefits to patients and providers who use our platform.

  • A single point of contact–for everyone simplifies even the most complex path to fulfillment and purchase for patients and prescribers.
  • Streamlined prior authorizations cuts approval times well below the industry status quo and increases approval rates regardless of insurance restrictions through an automated approval process.
  • Reduced pharmacy callbacks through lower cost and automated prior authorizations free up providers’ time to treat patients and eliminates the back-and-forth between patient, provider and insurance that causes delays in care.
  • Improve patient adherence through a prescription process engineered at every step to eliminate the cost, time and effort barriers to care that are frequently cited as causes for non-adherence. 
The last word

Telehealth is here to stay. Gifthealth’s national pharmacy technology platform is built to scale with the growing demand. The wave of the future is here, now. With our automated convenience, cost reductions and streamlined processes, it’s smooth sailing ahead. 

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