Welcome to the Gifthealth Patient Information Center

Your doctor has partnered with Gifthealth for your upcoming colonoscopy because they want what is best for you!  We have created this webpage to help you understand what is next. 

At anytime in this process if you have questions our Patient Care Team is Ready to Help You:

What happens next?

We will contact you to verify your address and start the check-out process.
Be on the lookout for a text msg with a check out link or a phone call from Gifthealth.
If you have a co-pay, we will collect your payment.
Sit back and relax -  your bowel prep supplies along with your provider instructions will be shipped for FREE to your door.
No trips to the pharmacy.
No hassles with insurance.
No apps, portals or passwords needed.
Automatically applies discounts and coupons.
Get ready to get the lowest possible price with the least amount of effort for your medications.

Sample Text Messages You Will Receive

Hi Tom! Welcome to Gifthealth Pharmacy.  We’ve received your prescription from Dr. Jones.  To order online, and check out click here: link to checkout
Gifthealth Pharmacy: Your medication is on the way! Tap here to track your order: https://www.fedex.com/fedextrack/?trknbr=776407649886
To provide you with more information on your prescription from Dr. Jones, we first need to verify your information. Last Name, First Name, Date of Birth:  Month, Year, Day.

Samples of text you will receive

Text you receive from 833.300.7795 are not spam.  That is Us Trying to Coordinate your Bowel Prep for You!

Thank you!

Why is it better than standard pharmacy services?

Gifthealth has many benefits over using a standard pharmacy for your bowel prep
Standard Pharmacy
FREE delivery to your door anywhere in the country
Works with ANY and ALL insurance (so you don’t have to)
Applies all available coupons and discounts to determine your lowest cost
Automatically determines lowest payment option, cash or insurance
Patient Representatives ready to support you through email, chat, phone
It’s easy to see why doctors are making the switch to Gifthealth for their patients. We are a modern pharmacy tech solution that removes the hassle for you.

If you do have any questions, our Patient Care Team is Ready to Help You!

Proven Success

Customer representatives were very pleasant and handled the prescription order quickly, efficiently, and professionally.
Service rep found a discount for me for the meds I need. Service above the call of duty. Positive encounter.
Everything went smoothly. Also, this pharmacy is $50 less than my previous pharmacy


I got a text from 833.300.7795 - Is it Spam?

No, the text message you receive from Gifthealth will come from this number.   The text will prompt you to login to our HIPAA compliant checkout link and enter your last name and date of birth to order your script.

Has my insurance been applied?

If you receive the checkout link your insurance and all applicable coupons have been associated with your script. If you receive our insurance collection tool. we need to update your profile with your up to date pharmacy insurance information.

Are there alternative options for my prescription that I can explore?

Our patient care team is more than happy to investigate this for you. Please feel free to chat with us or call us to understand if this is an option for you!