We believe no prescription should go unfilled.

More medications in the hands of more patients. It's better for business. It's better for patient health and wellbeing.

Two goals–healthier bottom lines and healthier people.
One solution–a technology platform that removes barriers to care. More affordable meds. Streamlined approvals. Fewer abandoned prescriptions. Increased patient adherence. We’ve purpose-built one singularly smart technology solving multiple complex problems.

How do you recoup over $600 billion in lost revenue and fix the prescription crisis at the same time? It starts with
every patient, every time, everywhere.

Prescription fulfillment, automated at every step.

AI-driven benefit verification

Proprietary AI crunches patient benefits information, historical medication pricing, pharmacy data and real-time claims adjudication to zero in on the lowest possible price.

Auto-applied copay savings

Prices vary between pharmacies by $100 or more. Patients get one price at Gifthealth–the lowest possible–every time. Automated rebates and coupons work to ensure patients never overpay–or walk away from your therapy.

One discount card, two ways to save

Traditional prescription discount cards can save patients money in some cases. The Gifthealth Savings Card goes a step further by providing an all-access pass to our proprietary technology platform purpose-built to find savings wherever possible, simply by having the prescription sent to Gifthealth.

One pharmacy, nationwide

A national network of top-rated pharmacy partnerships provides unparalleled reach to populations from coast to coast. Each are unified by a single centralized pharmacy “brain” that streamlines prescription home delivery, wherever patients call home.

Streamlined prior authorizations

Our automated prior authorization system cuts approval times well below the industry status quo, and increases approval rates regardless of insurance restrictions.

A single point of contact–for everyone

One point of contact for all prescription needs simplifies even the most complex path to fulfillment and purchase for patients, pharmacists, prescribers and manufacturers.

Assistance when patients need it

Assistance programs can only help patients if they know what’s available. Availability, eligibility and enrollment are each executed in real-time, when patients need it most. We have the helping hand, handled.

Alerts delivered

When it comes to our health, no one likes surprises. Managing expectations at every step, from prescription through delivery, is achieved via automated communication channels, saving everyone time–and peace of mind.

e-Prescribing with accuracy and security

e-Prescribing may be table stakes, but how it’s accomplished should never be taken for granted. Strict security protocols and access to patient electronic health records ensure prescriptions are filled accurately and securely, without fail.