A supply chain that does what it's supposed to...and more.

More therapies in the hands of patients who need them–at a more affordable price. It’s better for patient health and wellbeing. And it’s better for your business.

Helping drug makers help more patients–and their bottom line.

For one manufacturer, partnering with Gifthealth:

drove prescription volume for an innovative newer drug


higher than other independent pharmacies

decreased abandonment rates by


helped over 3,000 patients save


Cracking the cost barrier.

AI-driven benefit verification

crunches patient benefits information, historical medication pricing, pharmacy data and real-time claims adjudication to zero in on the best possible price. 

Auto-applied coupons

work to ensure patients don’t overpay–or walk away from your therapy.

Assistance programs

can only help patients if they know what’s available. Real-time access to programs gets patients assistance who need it. We have the helping hand handled. 

Breaking through the time barrier.

Streamlined prior authorizations

cut approval times and increase approval rates, regardless of insurance restrictions

Working around the effort barrier.

A single point of contact–for everyone

simplifies even the most complex path to fulfillment and purchase for patients, pharmacists, prescribers and manufacturers.

Innovation never rests–and neither do we.

Data–driven insights

aggregated from all interactions across the platform support continuous optimization.

Tailored reporting

provides deep dives into selected data most relevant to your business goals.

Customizable workflows

allow you to set your own business rules at the point of adjudication maximizing your fill rates.

We believe no prescription should go unfilled

Two goals–healthier people and healthier bottom lines. One solution–a technology platform that removes barriers to care. More affordable meds. Streamlined approvals. Fewer abandoned prescriptions. Increased patient adherence. We’ve purpose-built one singularly smart technology solving multiple complex problems.

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How does Gifthealth benefit pharmaceutical manufacturers?

By using Gifthealth, manufacturers can improve patient access to medications, ensure better adherence to treatment regimens, enhance overall patient satisfaction, increase product utilization, obtain better patient outcomes, and build higher brand loyalty.

Can Gifthealth be customized for specific therapeutic areas?

Yes, Gifthealth services offers customization options to cater to specific brands, ensuring that the support provided is relevant and effective for the particular patient population.

What types of medications or therapies typically benefit from Gifthealth services?

Medications that are high-cost, have complex dosing regimens, require special handling or administration, or are for chronic or rare diseases often benefit the most from utilizing Gifthealth services.

How does Gifthealth improve adherence?

We improve adherence by providing patient education, regular follow-ups, adherence tracking, and a better prescription experience. These all lead to improved adherence, and better health outcomes.