Easier for you.
More affordable for your patients.

Time spent dealing with prescriptions is time away from caring for your patients. Any prescription that goes unfilled is therapy a patient isn't taking but should be. Gifthealth has purpose-built a singularly smart technology platform to solve both challenges.

Say goodbye to PA pain points

Our automated prior authorization system integrates patient EHRs and historical data to cut approval times and increase approval rates, exceeding industry averages regardless of insurance restrictions. We reduce prescription callbacks by as much as 90%, eliminate patient wait times, and put more time back in your day to do what you do best–care for your patients.
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Maximize patient insurance benefits

Proprietary AI crunches patient benefits information, historical medication pricing and pharmacy data to zero in on the lowest possible price, every time for every patient.

Reduce patients' cost

Medications are only effective if patients can afford to take them. Electronically stored coupons and discounts are auto-applied to all qualifying medications, making savings automatic for your patients. 

One discount card, two ways to save

Traditional prescription discount cards can save patients money on cash purchases in some cases. The Gifthealth Savings Card goes a step further by providing an all-access pass to our proprietary technology platform purpose-built to find savings wherever possible, simply by having the prescription sent to Gifthealth.

E-prescribe with confidence

The smartest technology is only useful if it executes securely, accurately and efficiently. Rigorous security protocols protect all data throughout each transaction. Integrated EHRs provide additional check against errors. Automated processes at each step ensure patients get the right meds ASAP.

Close the loop in virtual care

Integrated telemedicine Rx completes patient at-home care with a simplified fill process and fast, free delivery anywhere in the nation.

One pharmacy, many partners

Our national network of top-rated pharmacy partnerships provides unparalleled service, unified by a single centralized pharmacy “brain” that streamlines prescription home delivery, wherever patients call home.

One point of contact for everyone

One point of contact for all prescription needs simplifiesthe most complex path to fulfillment and purchase for patients and prescribers.

Patient assistance in real time

Expert, experienced guidance to assistance programs ensures patients in need know what’s available and how to get it. We have the helping hand, handled.

Improve patient adherence

Every step of our prescription process is engineered to eliminate the cost, time and effort barriers to care that are frequently cited as causes for non-adherence. Our mission is to make prescriptions easier to fill and more affordable to buy for everyone at every step of the prescription journey.

Put it to the test.

The best way to fully understand the simplicity of our platform is to experience it for yourself. It's easy to get started. Just send prescriptions using the following information:

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