Tech to the Rx-cue

Any prescription that goes unfilled is therapy a patient isn’t taking but should be. Time spent dealing with prescriptions is time away from treating your patients. Gifthealth has purpose-built a singularly smart technology platform to solve both challenges for prescribers. It’s easier for you. It’s better for your patients.

Spend less time dealing with insurance companies and more time helping patients feel better.

Gifthealth reduced pharmacy callbacks for one multi-practice provider by

Easier for you.

Say goodbye to PA pain points

Our automated prior authorization system cuts approval times and increases approval rates, exceeding industry averages regardless of insurance restrictions.

Prescribe with confidence

Rigorous security protocols protect all data throughout each transaction

Integrated EHRs provide additional check against errors

Automated processes at each step ensure patients get the right meds

One point of contact for everyone

Simplifies even the most complex path to fulfillment and purchase for you and your patients.

Better for your patients.

AI-driven benefits verification

Crunches benefits information, historical medication pricing, pharmacy data and real-time claims adjudication to zero in on the lowest possible price every time for every patient.

Remove barriers to adherence

With a platform engineered to reduce or eliminate the cost, time and effort that stand in the way of prescription care.

Electronically stored coupons

Coupons are applied to all qualifying medications, making savings automatic for your patients.

Real-time assistance

Ensures patients in need know what’s available and how to get it. We have the helping hand handled.

Put it to the test.

The best way to fully understand the simplicity of our platform is to experience it for yourself. It's easy to get started. Just send prescriptions using the following information:

NPI: 1932780475
NCPDP: 3688833

Phone: 1 (833) 614-4438
Fax: 1 (833) 427-1165

Interested in becoming a partner?


How can Gifthealth benefit my practice and my patients?

Gifthealth streamlines the process of prescribing and managing complex medications. We can reduce administrative burdens on your practice, ensure faster medication access for patients, enhance adherence to treatment plans, and provide additional patient education and support.

Can I track the status of my patients’ medications?

Yes. Gifthealths online portal is a direct communication channel where you can track the status of prescriptions, including steps completed and pending actions.

How does Gifthealth support medication adherence?

We employ various strategies like patient education, regular follow-ups, adherence tracking, personalized support, automated coupon assistance, eBV, prior authorization assistance, free delivery, and automated refill messaging to support adherence and ensure patients remain on their prescribed treatment regimens.

Are Gifthealth Services available for all my patients, regardless of their insurance coverage?

Yes, Gifthealth can assist all patients regardless of patient’s insurance coverage. We work to find solutions based on the insurance and financial barriers.

How will Gifthealth Pharmacy appear on EMR?

It will appear like this:

Gifthealth Rx Partners

266 N 4th Street, Suite 200 NCPDP:3688833

Columbus, OH 43215 Phone: 833.614.4438

NPI: 1932780475 Fax: 833.427.1165

Can I submit updated instructions, and if so, what is the preferred method of submission?

Yes, you can! The preferred method is to email updated instructions to your designated account manager at, or you can fax them to 833-427-1165 with a cover sheet stating who they are for.

What outreach will my patients receive and for what reasons?

Gifthealth has an automated communication system as well as a team of patient care representatives. Patients will receive multiple forms of communication based on a few different factors (i.e. landline vs. mobile phone). To see examples of the automated text messages that go to a mobile line, please visit