If there's a way to save on your meds, we'll find it–and deliver them for FREE.

Skip the trip–and the high cost. Gifthealth is making it easier and more affordable to get the prescription medications you need for a happier, healthier you.

The Gifthealth Experience:

The easiest technology is the one you never have to use–because it does everything for you.

Automatically determines lowest payment option, cash or copay
Works with any insurance (so you don’t have to)
Applies all available coupons or discounts for new Rx and refills
Schedules FREE delivery anywhere in the country.

How it works:

No apps portals or passwords. No trips to the pharmacy. No hassles with insurance. It’s really THAT simple.

Once your doctor sends us your prescription,
Gifthealth will:


Contact you to verify your prescription information


Provide you with educational materials from your doctor, if applicable


Deliver your prescriptions for FREE

We believe:

The best technology is the one you never see.

No apps to tap, portals to log into or passwords to remember. Prescriptions are sent to us like any other prescription and our technology platform does the rest.

Getting the lowest price should be so easy, it's automatic.

No memberships, subscriptions to join or shopping around from pharmacy to pharmacy. Our platform automatically applies discounts and coupons from drug makers and matches your location to the best pharmacy for you.

Delivery should be fast and FREE to all the right places– yours!

With our national network of partner pharmacies, you get fast, FREE delivery to wherever you call home nationwide.

The best service is the one you'll remember and repeat.

We exclusively partner with top-rated independent pharmacies with one goal in mind– to give you the fastest, most reliable service every time.

No one should have to fight with insurance to get medicine.

That's why we've built an automated process for getting your medications approved. It's easier and faster for you–and your doctor–to get medications requiring prior authorizations filled at Gifthealth.

Innovation never rests–and neither do we.

We are continuously optimizing our platform, negotiating with manufacturers, and finding more efficient ways to work with doctors and insurance companies to save you time and money.

Patients love us.

See why people trust Gifthealth.

“Gifthealth makes sure my prescriptions get to me without lifting a finger; the convenience they’re providing with their technology is second to none.”
Megan H.
“Gifthealth goes above and beyond to take care of my needs as a patient and will make sure I get my prescriptions when I need them without me having to leave my house.”
Lauren W.
“Gifthealth has an incredibly friendly and knowledgeable staff and provides convenience for me with their free delivery for my medications.”
Katie S.
“You guys are truly so great to work with!”
Jessica M.
“Script was sent in by my doctor and delivered same day. Great service and got it for a lower cost than I was originally paying. Definitely making this my pharmacy of choice from here on out!”
Nick G
“Gifthealth Pharmacy truly puts the customer first! Extremely knowledgeable and worked tirelessly to get my medication to me at an affordable price. I appreciated the professionalism and dependability. I would highly recommend!”
Matt R
“Using Gifthealth pharmacy is super easy. I handle my parents medications. All I have to do is call in their meds and they deliver them to my parents. It has been super easy and stress free. Just 1 less thing I have to worry about. Thank you. You’ve got a customer for life.”
Jessica T.
“Great pharmacy with fast & friendly service. Friends and family love the free delivery service, SO much better than using a CVS or retail pharmacy being on hold forever. Such nice staff who actually care for their customers. They made getting prescriptions easy!”
Makayla Ann

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We're here to help you take care of it.