Frequently Asked

What is Gifthealth?

We are a technology solution built to make it easier for you to access more affordable medications. There are no apps, passwords, or shopping around from pharmacy to pharmacy to get the best price. Our platform automatically applies discounts and coupons from drug makers and matches your location to the best pharmacy for you.

How does it work?

Once your prescription has been received:                  
1.  Gifthealth will contact you to verify your prescription information
2. Your prescription is sent to a partner pharmacy based on price, service and location.
3. Our partner pharmacy will prepare your prescription

How much does Gifthealth cost?

No hidden cost so you only pay your copay, if applicable!

Does Gifthealth work with my insurance?

We work with all insurance companies to help you maximize your benefits. We even work with your doctor to streamline processes like medication approvals (prior authorizations), so you can start your treatment as soon as possible.

Have additional questions?
Our pharmacy staff is here to help.
Call (833) 614-4438 or email