January 31, 2022

We're on a Mission

See what makes working at Gifthealth rewarding.

What makes you tick? Brings a smile to your face? Excites you–even on a Monday morning? 

Maybe you’ve found it. Maybe you haven’t. But one thing is for certain, not having that “thing” can make for a long workweek.

We’re talking about office culture. From the company’s mission down to its perks and people. The extra–almost intangible–factor that makes a job more than just a job.  

There’s no shortage of definitions about what makes a great culture. Top 10 lists are everywhere.

One mega-sized tech company insists that the key is enabling employees to give back to their communities.

A logistics company believes showing employees they are valued is the secret sauce and cited, as an example, their program for sending surprise motivational messages through package scanners. Cute!  

Then, too, are the laundry lists of things that every good relationship is built on. Trust, respect, fairness, etc., etc.

But cultures are made by people and everybody is different. So are the companies they build. A better question might be what makes a great culture FOR YOU? To find the answer to that question, we asked our crew what keeps them coming back for more at Gifthealth.

Lauren Ward
Senior Account Executive

For me, it’s a company that recognizes that people have lives outside of work. There definitely shouldn’t be a feeling that taking a day off or running to a midday appointment are frowned upon. If you’re watching the clock, guaranteed employees will start doing the same. At a good company, everyone knows what is expected of them and have the freedom to prioritize their time in the way that makes the most sense. I believe one of the main reasons why we’re so productive as a team is that we have the freedom to turn it on or off as individuals.

Matt Poland
Account Executive

Collaboration is probably an overused word, but when you think about what it means to be collaborative, it can transform a job into something much more fulfilling. It’s all about how you depend on others and how they depend on you more than being about accomplishing a checklist of tasks. Relationships matter, and at Gifthealth we’re lucky to have a team that believes in our mission and pulls together to make it happen. We definitely work hard, but it’s the most rewarding work I’ve been privileged to be a part of thanks to the people around me.

Thomas Barry
Content Manager

People talk a lot about trust. There is no greater expression of that then giving people autonomy to flex their expertise. At Gifthealth, our goals are clearly defined, and the rest is up to us. That kind of freedom is rare. What it provides is hard to quantify. I call it the sky’s-the-limit factor. We are free to explore many possible solutions, learn from them and adjust. It makes every day a little like opening a present. We come in, check our numbers and high five when they’re good or plot our next move when they’re less than expected. Each iteration we work through makes us smarter and more focused. It’s an incredibly exciting process.

Acadia Gaver
Executive Assistant

Working at a startup is a thrilling place to be. We’re not only trying to make our way in the marketplace, but we’re also working with investors. So much is riding on our performance every day. That might sound intimidating, but our leadership team is fantastic about being transparent. We know where we stand in the moment and what needs to be done to get us to the next level. That visibility is really motivating. We get to see how far we’ve come and drive hard as a team toward the goals ahead. I never feel like I’m one small part of the organization. We’re all in it together.  

Angel Arroyo-Rodriguez
Patient Care Representative

My role at Gifthealth is patient service representative. I’m the public face–or voice–of Gifthealth when people need help getting their medications. There’s a lot of responsibility in that, which I take very seriously. What has impressed me is how that responsibility makes everyone I work with incredibly driven to solve the latest challenge. There’s no passing the buck. The software engineers are constantly developing new workflow optimizations. Leadership and the sales team are out there every day negotiating better deals on medications for patients. It makes my job so much more rewarding. Because of everyone’s hard work all across the company, I receive dozens of thank-yous from patients every week.  

Stokley Onuba
Inside Sales Lead

I always joke that my title should be Inside Sales/ProductPackager/Pharmacy Assistant/Shipping Manager and maybe a few other “slashes” I can’t think of at the moment. We have a guy on the marketing team who gets woozy around needles, yet he volunteers to help with paperwork at our vaccine clinics. All of us have a passion for the company’s mission that supersedes roles. It’s all hands on deck all the time. We share in the work, but we share in the reward, too. It’s part camaraderie and part belonging to a team that shares a greater purpose.

Nick Potts
Co-founder and CEO

I’m not prescriptive about what our culture should be. I believe in our mission, which at its core, boils down to people helping people. So, when I’m hiring, and I explain to a candidate what we do and how we do it, I either see a light come on or I don’t. Which is fine. People are motivated by different things. In a very loose sense then, our culture comes from people sharing a common purpose. It’s pretty powerful. To see people doing whatever it takes to help when they see others in need. Beyond that, just doing what your mom taught you, which is basically treat people the way you want to be treated, is what defines our workplace.  

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