December 23, 2021

What's on the wish list?

Wishing you the gift of health and happiness!

‘Tis the season for wishes. We hope all yours come true. Here’s a few of ours from the team at Gifthealth. Happy and healthy holidays to you all.   

Mallory - Marketing Manager:

Anyone who knows me, knows how much I love food, and the holidays are the best time for enjoying something delicious with family and friends. On my holiday wish list this year is spending time enjoying a great meal with the ones I love. COVID-19 has got us all on high alert, but for myself, my family and everyone else, I wish that these days are filled with nothing but joy and stuffed tummies. See you all next year! 

Daniel - Director of Product:

I’ve got to be honest. What I want wrapped under my tree more than anything? The Cincinnati Bearcats winning it all. I know, right? But hear me out. I’m an alum. College was a blast and I made a lot of lifelong friends on the UC campus. It was those friends who helped me deal with the tragedy of losing my father during my freshman year. We’ve all been through a lot together, then, and now. Life gets more complicated the older you get. My alma mater winning a championship is just a simple reason to celebrate. We could all use more of those. Let’s go UC! Oh, and happy holidays!

Thomas - Content Manager:

We’ve all had something keep us awake at night. For me, it’s been a big day at work or my kids’ tuition payments coming due. Pretty smooth sailing. Lucky, I guess. But imagine needing a prescription you can’t afford? For yourself, or worse, for one of your kids? I really can’t imagine that level of anguish. My wish is that we all have the opportunity to make that scenario a thing of the past. No more dysfunctional politics, failed policies or social inequities. Imagine giving that gift wrapped up in a bow to everyone who needs it? 

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