November 23, 2021

Wishing you safe celebrating

Your happy holiday checklist

Good food, good times and safe loved ones top everyone’s holiday wish list. We’ve put together our do’s and don’ts for this season of get-togethers.  

Flu & COVID-19 prevention tips

Make sure the viruses aren’t on your guest list. 

Pre-party like a pro
  1. Get tested before the holidays. There are a lot of options–antigen test, rapid test, PCR test, RT-PCR test, antibody test, take-home self-test–and they’re available in lots of places, including some airports and hotels. Your surest bets are your local pharmacy, health clinic or doctor. You’ll want to do some research, of course, and booking an appointment will help you avoid wait times. (We recommend, sell and administer BinaxNOW COVID-19 self-tests and PCR tests.) 
  2. Vaccinate–for both viruses. Flu and COVID-19 vaccinations are still your best way to prevent or lessen the severity of either virus. And you can get both vaccinations safely at the same time, according to the CDC, FDA and the WHO. Many pharmacies and medical professionals offer walk-in service and/or take appointments. 
  3. Avoid high-risk activities 14 days prior. If at all possible, avoid going out in public leading up to your holiday celebration, whether you’re hosting or on the guest list. If you do go out, mask-up, wash-up and keep your distance.
  4. Consider being selective about your guest list. Holidays are about including everyone–even crazy uncle Harry. But some of your guests could be at greater risk of carrying the viruses. Those include college students and visitors from areas with high rates of infection. It’s your call. 
  5. Are we there yet? Air travel is no time to let your guard down. You’re almost there. Keep those masks on, wash/sanitize those hands and keep your distance as much as possible. 
Get it together for your get-together.
  1. Wash ‘em often. Hands are little contagion spreaders if not washed or sanitized frequently. Soap and water for 20 seconds or alcohol-based hand sanitizers are your go-tos. While you’re at it, give those household surfaces a periodic wipe-down with a good disinfectant cleaner.
  2. Masks are still on the menu. And so is social distancing. Both are recommended if you are celebrating with anyone from outside your household. 
  3. Don’t go if you’ve been exposed. Exposure can happen at any time prior to attending gathering. If you’re aware that you have been near anyone who has tested positive within 14 days of your celebration, stay home.  
  4. Don’t host if you’ve been exposed. If your celebration includes guests from outside your household and you’ve been exposed within 14 days prior to your party, it’s time to cancel. 
Additional non-virus tips

Whew! Now that we’ve covered virus precautions, here are some general safety tips for your celebration.

  1. Take care of yourself. Hosting, travelling, or even deciding what to wear (looking at you Aunt Kathy) can stress anyone out. For many of us, this ain’t our first rodeo. Be aware of your stress triggers and give yourself time, practice patience and take a moment to catch your breath. 
  2. Don’t drink and drive. Imbibe if you like, but DO NOT DRIVE. And stop any tipsy guests from driving, too. 
  3. Don’t forget to buckle up. You’ve got a lot on your mind. Keep those seat belts in mind, too.  Buckle up every time, no matter how short the trip–or how full you are from all those fixin’s!
  4. Keep an eye on the kids. It’s easy to take your eyes off ‘em during all the holiday hullabaloo. Kid-proof your place by locking up dangerous toys, choking hazards, adult beverages, etc. We also recommend a sprinkling in a fair amount of “cool your jets” or “simmer downs” when necessary.
  5. Don’t get burned. Winter months see more house fires than any other time of year. Keep an eye on the main culprits: fireplaces, space heaters, food on the stove, or candles. Oh, and *pro tip* DON’T FORGET THE BUNS.
  6. Food safety. Remember the basics: wash hands, clean surfaces, avoid cross-contamination, cook foods at recommended temperatures for recommended times, and refrigerate foods ASAP.

When it comes to helping you stay safe and healthy, we could go on and on. This list is a good start, but by no means a guarantee against illnesses or accidents. Be aware of your surroundings, don’t take unnecessary risks, and we’ll see you all again soon.

Happy holidays from all of us to all of you!

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