Addressing Specialty Lite Drug Manufacturers' Challenges

Addressing Specialty Lite Drug Manufacturers' Challenges

The specialty lite pharmaceutical sector is growing rapidly, but this growth brings significant challenges. Navigating the complexities of distribution, compliance, and patient support requires innovative approaches. Gifthealth’s Prescription Access Platform is a key solution, offering an integrated approach to all challenges.

Gifthealth's Prescription Access Platform offers an innovative and comprehensive solution to the challenges faced by specialty lite drug manufacturers. By leveraging this platform, manufacturers can ensure efficient distribution, regulatory compliance, improved patient access, and gain valuable market insights, positioning themselves for success in the competitive specialty lite pharmaceutical market.


Patient Access and Affordability

Challenge: High costs and insurance complexities make specialty drugs less accessible to patients.

Solution: Gifthealth connects patients with financial assistance by automatically applying coupon cards when and where they are needed. The prescription access platform also streamlines insurance processes, improving access and affordability. With services like automated BVs and PAs, the company can reduce delays in therapy initiation. Also, integration with EHRs and nationwide pharmacies creates a more efficient information flow that improves speed to fill time.


Complex Logistics

Manufacturer Challenge: Specialty Lite drugs often have specific and complex enrollment and distribution requirements, making the process complex.

Solution: Gifthealth’s platform streamlines the enrollment and distribution process, ensuring efficient and compliant handling of specialty drugs. Simplified patient enrollment through automation and expansion of a manufacturers existing process has increased.


Data Management and Analytics

Challenge: Collecting and analyzing patient and prescription data is vital but challenging, especially between scripting and initial fill of a medication due to regulatory mandates.

Solution: Gifthealth’s platform provides robust data analytics capabilities, offering valuable insights for manufacturers from the time the script is written through the refill process capturing important factors to determine why initial therapy fills are interrupted and why refills are not accessed. As a non-commercial pharmacy we have the ability to share information with manufacturers to determine where the gaps are and how we can fix them.

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