Gifthealth and Marius Pharmaceuticals

Gifthealth and Marius Pharmaceuticals

Join Forces to Enhance Kyzatrex's Veteran's Program

Championing Enhanced Services for Military Veterans

Columbus, OH. (October 16, 2023) - Marius Pharmaceuticals, renowned for its groundbreaking therapies addressing testosterone deficiency, has proudly expanded the reach of its FDA-endorsed oral testosterone solution, Kyzatrex, to the Department of Veteran Affairs (VA).

This initiative is strengthened by Marius’s strategic collaboration with Gifthealth, a company dedicated to redefining the prescription journey for patients. Gifthealth's core mission is to amplify the prescription experience, ensuring improved access, outcomes, and adherence for all involved stakeholders.

Commenting on the collaboration, Gifthealth's CEO and co-founder, John Romano, a veteran himself, said,"Knowing the significance of veteran healthcare from personal experience, I'm proud to support Marius and the VA. We're dedicated to offering veterans streamlined, cost-effective medication options at Gifthealth."

This partnership with Gifthealth brings several benefits for VA patients. Veterans are offered a dedicated care team, streamlined authorization processes, regular check-ins with pharmacists, and automated refills. Additionally, Gifthealth's innovative technology ensures that veterans obtain their medication at the lowest possible prices through automatic coupon applications and the promise of complimentary delivery.

Gifthealth stands out from conventional pharmacies by guaranteeing the best payment options, comprehensive coupon and discount applications, compatibility with all insurance providers, and a robust support system through email, chat, and phone, ensuring that every delivery is smooth and hassle-free.

About Gifthealth:

Gifthealth offers an innovative Prescription Access, Adherence, and Insight Platform, reshaping the pharmacy industry with its modern Non-Commercial Pharmacy Solution. Its distinctive framework prioritizes prescription success at all stages, benefiting patients, healthcare providers, partner pharmacies, manufacturers, and wholesalers. Gifthealth excels in managing every aspect, resulting in complimentary home delivery for patients.

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