How Digital Intake Improves Specialty Drug Manufacturer Outcomes

How Digital Intake Improves Specialty Drug Manufacturer Outcomes

Key Challenges, Improvement Processes and Manufacturer Benefits

The specialty pharmaceutical industry has been focused on improving prescription intake and enrollment for patient support programs for over a decade. This evolution is not just about enhancing patient support but also about providing competitive, efficient solutions. The key lies in technological efficiencies, a focus on distinct interaction points, and reliable methods for measuring success.

Amid regulatory complexities, the life sciences sector is increasingly embracing digital-first solutions. These automate traditionally manual tasks like consent capture, program enrollment, benefit verifications (BVs), prior authorizations (PAs), and financial assistance. By pairing digital first solutions with skilled professionals, manufacturers can improve patient and prescriber experiences plus enhance performance from a manufacturer's perspective, as measured by relevant key performance indicators (KPIs).

Here are four ways in which digital intake methods, or digital hubs, are proving to have an impact:

Streamlining Enrollment

Digital platforms can eliminate physical forms, enhance a patient experience and improve data quality for manufacturer reporting - ultimately benefiting manufacturers by reducing time to therapy and improving patient onboarding. Cumbersome enrollment processes have long been a bottleneck for manufacturers. The shift to digital solutions like Gifthealth’s prescription access platform simplifies this process, allowing prescribers to quickly complete and submit forms electronically.

Automating Processes

Automation that occurs after an e-script will immediately expedite communication to patients. This rapid communication and processing can significantly reduce the time to initiate the therapy - a crucial factor for manufacturers in ensuring timely access to their products.

Optimizing Talent Resources

Digital intake automates routine tasks which enables patient support teams to focus on areas where they can make the most significant impact, aligning with today's customer expectations for personalized service.

Setting and Measuring Manufacturer-Centric KPIs

The digital access platform solution allows manufacturers to set meaningful KPIs more easily and accurately measure them. This shift enables a deeper understanding of process efficiencies and patient access metrics, which are vital for manufacturers to understand so they can set up their brand for success. The data available through a prescription access platform is invaluable for manufacturers when strategizing market approaches.

Manufacturers that focus on full digital intake solutions not only streamline their processes but also create efficiencies and enhanced experiences which have significant benefits to them and their prescribers and patients. Gifthealth's prescription access platform allows manufacturers to focus on patient care and market strategies rather than managing technology.




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