Overcoming Challenges to Improve Patient Access and Affordability

Overcoming Challenges to Improve Patient Access and Affordability

Manufacturer Transformation with COPD Medication

Manufacturer/ COPD Medication Challenge

Gifthealth's manufacturer partner encountered challenges related to retail dispense rates and complex Medicare B billing, leading to high copay costs for patients prescribed their COPD medication.

Solutions / Impact


Top Performing Retail Dispense Rate Achieved:

Manufacturer successfully improved the retail dispense rate by 3X through strategic measures addressing complex Medicare B billing.


Patient Affordability through Billing Correction Efficiencies:

By implementing billing correction efficiencies, Gifthealth eliminated the previous $220+ copay for patients, making the medication more accessible and affordable.


Enhanced Patient Convenience and Adherence through Medication Synchronization:

Gifthealth introduced a medication synchronization program that enabled patients to receive a combination therapy of inhaled medications through a single channel.


Retail Dispense Rate


Reduction in Copay
Med Sync Increased

Satisfaction / Adherence


By partnering with Gifthealth, the manufacturer retail dispense rate matched the top performing DME (Durable Medical Equipment) dispense rate in the retail channel ensuring widespread availability of their COPD drug.

Additionally, the elimination of high copay costs and the introduction of med sync improved patient loyalty and satisfaction leading to improved brand reputation and customer retention.

Building on Gifthealth's success, the partnership's next phase involves expanding the scope to include a new coupon card offering, further enhancing affordability for commercial patients.

Retail Dispense Rate Equals Top Performing DME
Expanded Scope New Coupon Card Offer
Enhanced Affordability, Market Reputation, Retention