Overcoming Market Challenges and Driving Brand Success

Overcoming Market Challenges and Driving Brand Success

Manufacturer Transformation with Branded Gastroenterology Medication

Manufacturer/ Gastroenterology Medication Challenge

Gifthealth's manufacturer partner faced a significant challenge achieving market share for their brand name gastroenterology medication in a generic-dominated market. The majority of brand bowel preparations face an uphill battle when trying to penetrate this heavily generic market.

Solutions / Impact


Patient Affordability through Automated Commercial and Medicare Copay Card Application:

By implementing an automated enrollment process for copay card applications, Gifthealth successfully reduced patient costs for in Out of Pocket uncovered claims by an average of $69. A similar strategy was applied to covered claims, further decreasing patient costs. Gifthealth's automated approach resulted in gross-to-net advantages for our partner by intelligently directing discount applications along the most efficient path.


Reduction in Callbacks through Automation and Education Process:

Gifthealth's streamlined processes and advanced technology greatly reduced prescriber callbacks, relieving busy provider offices. Challenges of medication effectiveness during the transition from Manufacturer B drug (renowned for superior bowel preparation and enhanced adenoma detection) were addressed. With automated prescription processing and system integration, accurate and timely medication dispensing also optimized fill rates, reduced reversals, and enhanced patient care.


Improved Fill Time through Collaboration with Gifthealth's Pharmacy Network:

The manufacturer was able to achieve an average time to fill of 1.42 days by utilizing Gifthealth’s pharmacy network - significantly outperforming the industry average of 5.79 days (URAC).

$69 Reduction

in out-of-pocket

Fewer Callbacks

Increased Prescriber Brand Loyalty
Time to Fill

1.42 Days

vs URAC 5.79 days


These strategies resulted in a remarkable 90% brand dispense rate for Gifthealth'’s client in a generic-dominated market, boosting market share and establishing their drug as a preferred choice among prescribers and patients across the entire US.

As a testament to Gifthealth's successful solutions, the partnership expanded its scope to include five additional drugs from the manufacturer's portfolio. Additionally, a consignment model was implemented to expand access to more patients with potential insurance obstacles.

90% Brand Dispense Rate
5 Drug Expansion
Continued Revenue Growth