Overcoming Prescription Approval Challenges to Improve Care

Overcoming Prescription Approval Challenges to Improve Care

Manufacturer Transformation with Addiction Medication

Manufacturer/ Addiction Medication Challenge

Gifthealth's manufacturer partner faced script abandonment challenges due to payer barriers for addiction medication prescriptions. The manufacturer partner also needed a solution for optimizing care delivery, and benefits across state boundaries.

Solutions / Impact


Enhanced Dispense Ratesthrough Patient SupportSystem:

Gift health introduced a provider and patient centric solution that led to a more than doubling of dispense rates.


Increased PA Approval rates through Provider-Facing PA Solution:

Gifthealth successfully increased the PA approval rate for the brand from 42% to 85% by engaging with Gifthealth's platform.


Increased Market Reach with Expanded Process and Delivery Network:

Gifthealth expanded the process and delivery network to accommodate patients with insurance benefits in one state who required medication shipment and care delivery in a recovery clinic located in another state.


Dispensed Rates

42% to 85%

Increase in PA Approval Rates


Care Expansion


Manufacturer partnership with Gifthealth significantly improved addiction prescription approval rates, and provided a cohesive patient experience for the brand program.

Recognizing the technology capabilities of Gifthealth, the manufacturer worked with them to successfully design a coupon and consignment program in just six weeks, a significantly faster timeline compared to their previous vendor. This ability to adapt and innovate further demonstrated the strength of their partnership.

Cohesive Patient Experience
Expedited Coupon/ Consignment Program
Competitive Edge, Streamlined Operations