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A Better Bowel Prep Experience for Everyone

Your Patients and Team Will Thank You!
Gifthealth’s custom bowel prep program reduces the time and effort providers and their teams need to ensure patients are ready for their procedure. You can focus on your patients and leave all the time dealing with scripts to us!

Easier forPatients

FREE Delivery

All medication and instructions delivered and shipped directly to patients door. 

Personalized Service

Gifthealth outreach includes SMS, manual, and auto outreach to verify information and answer questions.

Affordable Prep Care

Any available brand copay coupons are auto-applied for affordability.

OTC Prep Kits Available

Depending on your patient situation, OTC may be the best bowel prep solution for them. (click here for more info).

Easier for

Provider Portal

Real time look into prescription status and analytics.

Eliminate Call Backs

Prescriber approved medications kept on file to provide alternatives if preferred prep is not covered.

Ensure Discounts Applied

E-coupons kept on file and auto-applied at purchase.

Customized Prep Instructions

Prescriber prep instructions kept on file and delivered with packaged medication.

How it Works


You send script to us (eRX or fax).


You give your patient information on Gifthealth.


We send your patient personal welcome (SMS / IVR).


We get all the details needed.

If patient doesn’t respond, we make 4 more attempts (calls / IVR / SMS).

If no response after 4 attempts, we report info back to you.


Medication with your instructions is sent same/next day after response.


Patients receive medication at their door in 1-3 business days.

Patient Center

Sample Outreach

Automated SMS

Welcome to Gifthealth Pharmacy.

We’ve received your prescription from Dr. [Name]. To confirm your details and set up your FREE delivery, click here - [Gifthealth.com Secure Link] For questions or confirmation by phone call us at (833) 614-4438.  Please do not reply to this message.

Thank you!

Automated IVR

Welcome to Gifthealth Pharmacy.

We’ve received your prescription from your doctor. Press 1 to be transferred to the pharmacy now and setup your FREE delivery. Otherwise, please call us at (833) 614-4438 at your earliest convenience.

Thank you!

Automated Schedule Reminder

Your procedure is seven days away.  Please review your provider’s instructions sent with your prescription.  There will be an upcoming diet modification message sent shortly. For questions call us at (833) 614-4438.

One simple step to Get Started!

Put it to the test. The best way to understand how easy it is to make everyone happy is to try the Gifthealth experience.
E-scribe to Gifthealth:
Gifthealth Rx Partners
266 N 4th Street, Suite 200 Columbus, OH 43215

NPI: 1932780475

NCPDP: 3688833

Fax #: 833.427.1165

What to include on Rx:
  • Procedure date/time
  • Arrival time
  • Location in SIG or note
  • Up to date patient phone and address
Interested in Specialty Meds?

We’ve got you covered there too.  Just reach out to account management to get the details.

Call Dedicated Prescriber Line

Email Provider Account Managers


Patient Success Factors

Instruct patients to answer Gifthealth text / calls ASAP to avoid delays.  Assure them it is NOT spam.
Give patients QR code / link to their area of this website.
Hand patients tear off cards we provided your office.

Enhance Your Patient and Staff Experience Today!!

  • Provider Specific Instruction Sheets
  • Check Out Text Link to Patients
  • Prep FREE Delivery Notifications and Updates
  • Dedicated Account Manager for Your Office
  • Provider Portal for Realtime Patient Updates + Analytics
  • NDC / NPI Reminders
  • Gifthealth Management of Patient Support
  • Weekly and Monthly Reporting

Proven Success

Customer representatives were very pleasant and handled the prescription order quickly, efficiently, and professionally.
Service rep found a discount for me for the meds I need. Service above the call of duty. Positive encounter.
Everything went smoothly. Also, this pharmacy is $50 less than my previous pharmacy


How can Gifthealth benefit my practice and my patients?

Gifthealth streamlines the process of prescribing and managing complex medications. We can reduce administrative burdens on your practice, ensure faster medication access for patients, enhance adherence to treatment plans, and provide additional patient education and support.

Can I track the status of my patients’ medications?

Yes. Gifthealths online portal is a direct communication channel where you can track the status of prescriptions, including steps completed and pending actions.

How does Gifthealth support medication adherence?

We employ various strategies like patient education, regular follow-ups, adherence tracking, personalized support, automated coupon assistance, eBV, prior authorization assistance, free delivery, and automated refill messaging to support adherence and ensure patients remain on their prescribed treatment regimens.

Are Gifthealth Services available for all my patients, regardless of their insurance coverage?

Yes, Gifthealth can assist all patients regardless of patient’s insurance coverage. We work to find solutions based on the insurance and financial barriers.